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I had the opportunity of working with one of my favorite bloggers and influencers, Amy. One of my main tasks is engagement. I frequently responded to comments from followers in a consistent brand voice and work together to increase Amy's follower count and likes per post. Since I started working with Amy, we have been able to increase her Instagram following by roughly 37%.

Additionally, I frequently create graphics for her Instagram story and blog. It's fun to blend my personal interests in fashion and graphic design, as well as get to share the final product with an audience of 164K.

One of my proudest accomplishments has been working on her annual Gift Guide series, which last year garnered $18,000+ in commissions (a 278% YOY increase).


During my time as WashU Olin's social media specialist, my primary responsibility was to manage our 5 social media accounts—Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. I spent the most time revamping our Instagram account since our target demographic was actively engaged on the platform. 


I also paid particular attention to developing, designing, and editing new content that could be repurposed across platforms. I drafted 20+ social media communications every week to be divided across platforms and scheduled at optimized times. 


Ultimately, my strategy was a success as I was able to increase our following by 28%. 


I was hired onto the Effie's Paper: Stationary & What Not team in order to help out with social media management and brainstorm content creation. Based on a SWOT analysis of the account, I recommended a series of Instagram posts to drive engagement and increase follower count. We worked together on the creation of stop motion animations, personalized posts, and graphics based on recent trends in social media.

Most recent projects include editing TikToks and Instagram reels which I love since video editing was my first passion!

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