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Peter Boumgarden MTP

Meet the professor

During my time working with the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis, I worked on multiple videos in the "Meet the Professor" series. For this video, I helped interview Peter, filmed b-roll, and edited the final product together using Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Olin africa business club

While working within the business school, I realized there were a lot of interesting clubs or organizations that fly under the radar. The Olin Africa Business Club is one of those student organizations. I edited this video together adding pictures, videos, and graphics in Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Olin Africa Business Program
Gen. Mindful

Generation mindful

Generation Mindful is a St. Louis start-up that helps kids better cope with their emotions. As a part of my time with HEC-TV, I had the opportunity to create short, snappy social media clips for start-up use. I enjoyed learning about Generation Mindful and getting to watch clips of a childhood favorite, Mr. Rogers. 

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