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Arch Grants

I edited this piece while I was interning with HEC Media. Arch Grants is an organization that provides funding to startup companies. I was tasked with creating a small video that explains the mission of Arch Grants to the general public. I edited the clips together and added the text. The video was published on the Arch Grants official Facebook page.  

Arch Grants Promo

Dance marathon

While serving on the executive board of SLU's Dance Marathon program, I was tasked with creating a video to open our 12-hour event. The video served as a reminder of our mission--to raise funds and awareness for our 2 local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. This video earned praise from the executive director of Children's Miracle Network of St. Louis. 

DM Opening Ceremonies

Shanghai Residency

During my time at the Olin School of Business, there was a large focus on global education. Far off places, like Shanghai, were featured parts of a certain curriculum. This was a little bit challenging considering I was not there when the EMBA class traveled to China, but I was able to do my research and create a well-thought-out story in this video. 

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