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Motion Graphics

Olin Bumpers

These bumpers were created as short intro or outro videos for the Olin School of Business YouTube page. There were about 26 versions, all with different refinements. These are the 6 bumpers of which most proud. Today, some of them are used on the YouTube channel. 

Olin Bumpers
Computer Art Projects

Computer art projects

As a part of my Computer Art class, I created 4 AfterEffects animations. I built upon my animation skills and learned how to multiplane, use 3D features, and play with the puppet tool. Besides developing my skills in AfterEffects, I also strengthened skills in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Adobe Pre-Roll

Adobe Pre-Roll Ads

This series of pre-roll ads were developed as a part of the National Student Advertising Competition. Our client was Adobe and we were tasked with creating awareness for their new product, Adobe Experience Cloud. Our concept for our campaign revolved around connections and we translated that into lights and glow in our designs. I had fun learning new skills in AfterEffects and developing

witty sayings. 

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