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Through school projects and campus involvement, I've developed experience creating different infographics for educational purposes. I've learned how to extrapolate data and which data is most useful to your audience. I also have found fun ways to visualize data so that your audience can understand. As a visual learner, I find infographics to be helpful and interesting. 

Confirmation Bias Infographic
SLUDM Infographic
Pediasure Infographic

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Each flyer was created for a different purpose but through the design process, I learned the best ways to organize information. I realized the importance of hierarchy, font mixing, and brand standards of certain organizations. In any design project, I desire to create a clean and polished final product. 

Battle of St Louis Flyer

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FTKolor Run Shirt Design
FTK Sweatshirts


Part of my job for Saint Louis University Miracle Network Dance Marathon was designing different apparel throughout the year. While designing, I learned how to design for a gender-neutral audience and the power of a 1 color design. It was also so rewarding to see people walking around on campus with my designs.

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