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"A BOLD start for women at Olin"

This piece was written to cover the first ever BOLD program at WashU. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this piece and getting to interview the high school girls and program mentors. The story was published on the Olin Blog. 

"Waving through a window:" How "Dear Evan Hansen" reflects mental health 

As a theatre enthusiast, I was super excited to combine my love of musical theatre with a school project. I took a look at how "Dear Evan Hansen" portrays mental health and talked with a mental health professional and 2 SLU students. It also gave me an opportunity to strengthen my design skills and design an animated data visualization.

reflections on leadership cover.jpeg

"5 takeaways from ' reflections on leadership...'"

I enjoyed writing this piece because I got the chance to break it down into smaller takeaways. As an avid list maker, this seemed like the perfect project for me to tackle. In the midst of taking notes and live-tweeting, I was able to listen to respected leaders and learn more about leadership.


"Student media moved to smaller spaces"

I wrote this piece for my foundational newswriting class freshman year, but it's still one of my favorite pieces I've ever written. As a journalism major, this issue was something that I felt very strongly about. This gave me the opportunity to talk with my peers and professors about the future of our industry. 

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